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Understanding your subject

Your subject isn’t always a person - it can be a story, a campaign, or even an idea.

With every single project we’ve worked on there’s been a story, and once we’ve found it, together we can work out the best way to present it through film.

It may involve abstract visuals, drawings, historic footage and stills, audience response, performer insights, scores and natural sound.  Drawing all of these elements together to support your narrative is a process we enjoy enormously, because at the heart of filmmaking is storytelling.

Invariably, the story involves people. A successful interview can make or break a narrative; as arts professionals we make sure we treat each subject with a sympathetic ear to enable them to give a real flavour of their unique contribution. As an extension of this, getting the editorial selection right is important to convey the subject in the most suitable way. The character of an individual, as much as the subject itself, must be captured aurally and visually and made as engaging as possible.