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Size does matter

More and more people are watching films on their mobile devices.

In fact, one in five of all YouTube views are made on the move. With this in mind, the size of your film is an important consideration; this means its file size as well as aspect ratio and resolution. 

We optimise all of our online films for streaming – this means that when people view our films through devices connected to the internet, they should play as seamlessly as if it were on a home computer. However, there are instances when you need to have a higher quality file with as little image compression as possible, so we'll discuss the options with you to ascertain the most appropriate output (or outputs) for the piece.

Whilst a 720p film may look great streamed via YouTube on a mobile, for example, but if you took the same film and projected it through a 1080p HD projector, the results would be less than pleasing. The great thing about digital is that we can quickly output different versions of the same film for different uses.

On the subject of size, we always like to talk about the use of text in films, too. Think about the number of times you've watched a video online without making it fullscreen - have you always been able to read the text? If your film is likely to be viewed on the move and embedded in websites or social media feeds, it may be worth considering a narrator, rather than text, to drive your story.