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The right film for your audience

When films and digital resources fail to achieve their desired results it can be the due to a whole host of reasons.

The wrong narrator, score or narrative structure of a piece can all negatively affect its impact and success, so we'll work closely with you to ensure that we're producing the most effective work we can together.

Every consideration regarding your film should be made with your audience in mind; duration, subject, aesthetics, and sound all play their part in making the piece appropriate for those who are going to watch it. That’s why it’s so important to have a clear idea about whom your film is for. If a film is engaging for the target audience, then it is much more likely to reach a broader one as a result of its success, as opposed to a film aimed at a 'general' audience which is likely to have very limited appeal overall.

Of course, it's not always straightforward to determine who you want to engage with. It may seem surprising, but the purpose of a film should never be to simply reach a wider audience. This is a complete misnomer. Your film has a purpose, and there is a unique audience who will understand it, so it’s vital that it’s made with them in mind.

If you’re unsure about who your film is for, we’ll help you break it down, and then we’ll discuss the best way to engage with them. Naturally, different audiences demand different approaches. You probably wouldn’t cast a butcher to narrate a film about vegetarianism aimed at vegetarians - but the same butcher may well be the perfect host for a film targeted at butchers and other carnivores!