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Leave them longing for more

The purpose of your film is more important than its length.

A film should rarely be defined by an intended duration, and length shouldn’t even be a consideration when discussing the purpose of the piece. Indeed, A shorter film is not necessarily a cheaper film and a longer film is not necessarily a more coherent one. It’s very easy to get fixated on length, whether due to budget or perhaps a notion of what the finished piece should be like, but in our experience it’s best to clarify the message and purpose first.

The key to an effective piece is drawing your audience in. Engaging interviews and footage will do much to aid this, but you can never be completely sure how people will perform on the day. Therefore, as the strength and coherence of a piece will largely be achieved in the edit, it's usually much more rewarding to allow the story to appear organically, from the available footage, rather than expanding or compressing the footage to fit a static, inflexible timescale.

So, we recommend pinpointing the message and determining the target audience before deciding what length suits. These decisions logically underpin the choice of the elements that will work best and precisely what footage to film, ensuring that time spent on your project is used effectively.

We’ll work closely with you, after determining the desired audience, to calculate the most appropriate length for it, and ultimately, whether your film is twenty seconds or twenty minutes, as long as your message gets across, your audience will always be left wanting to learn more.