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How we work

Your film and its journey from thought to reality is as important to us as it is to you.

One of the most exciting moments in our work cycle is the inception of a new project. It's a time of great possibilities, before any of us know exactly what will emerge.

It's also the best time for truly open discussion about the aims of the project, so our approach is to be honest and realistic in our appraisal of your objectives, timescale and budget.

There might be a few uncomfortable questions as we determine what the options are with the resources available, but we believe that for our relationship with you to flourish it needs to be built on a sound basis. After all, would you trust your doctor if they agreed with your diagnosis and treated you based on your own appraisal rather than their own?

We firmly believe that achieving a quality outcome in a project is down to the consistency of the of process. Adhering to such a process means that will clearly lay out the key elements and dates for your project and the feedback and input we will need from you at each stage. We really care about the quality of our work and the consistency of our output - before, during and after the event - so also make time for project evaluation and debrief as an important part of the process.

We thoroughly enjoy working with clients who feel similarly.