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Project: Sound Park Austria

Client: Austrian Cultural Forum London

Sound Park Austria introduces Austrian artists in the categories Jazz, New Music, Contemporary/ Experimental, Pop, World, Vocal and Electronic to the UK music scene. In connection with British acts, the aim is to build cultural ties and networks between the UK and Austria. Sound Park Austria enables innovative and creative projects, presenting a clear vision and strong identity. The events takes the form of a regular concert evening.

The platform is curated by Philipp M. Moll.

The Brief:

Austrian Cultural Forum (ACF) London commissioned us to produce two films.

The first film was a short promo to support and promote upcoming Sound Park Austria (SPA) events through a 4 - 5 minute video. The brief was to promote SPA in general by showing what the events were like, as well as explaining what they were about.

The project had clear focus points - ACF London wanted the film to show the fun nature of the performances, how informal they were, and how original and fresh Sound Austria was, both as a format and in the acts presented. It was stipulated that the style of the piece should mirror the character of the event and its dynamic, unconventional presentation.

Along with the footage we would capture ourselves, we would also utilise materials from previous events and mixed media (photographs, pictures, animation).

First Day of Filming:

We filmed the first event (SPA IX) on the 18th of November in 2011, capturing performance footage on two cameras and then interviews after the event for the first promotional film.

Production of the First Film:

As we reviewed the footage that we had gathered and began editing we rapidly realised that SPA as an event itself required a digital identity, so we animated the logo that had been produced.

Digital identity is increasingly important for organisations who wish to expand their online media portfolio - it establishes a brand. By animating a logo, or at least integrating it with the media, a dynamic element is added that is impossible to convey in print.

The production of the film followed our three-step editing process, sending the ACF a preliminary narrative edit, followed by a secondary visual edit, culminating in the finished piece. Once the piece was finalised it was put up online and used to promote the event.

The short film was completed speedily, well in advance of the next event and much to the appreciation of the client. It was described as “neat and to the point”, and thus precisely what they were after.

Second Day of Filming:

We knew that we were going to be using the footage captured from the first day of filming in the longer piece, but we also needed additional footage to display the variety of music that was being performed at SPA.

We filmed at SPA XI on the 28th of March in 2012 - focusing on shots of the crowd as well as general shots establishing the feel of the event. Working from the key element established in the brief to convey what a fun event it was, we got a lot of shots of just that; audience members having a drink, relaxing with the artists and, most importantly, enjoying the music. We captured the performances themselves and filmed additional, more guerilla, vox pops to show the audience’s reaction and interaction.

In addition to this filming, we also interviewed Philipp M Moll, the curator, to create a narrative guide for the piece. Within pieces of a certain length it is almost always essential to have a single narrator, someone the audience pays attention to and recognises, so that the message doesn’t become confused or diluted. After discussions with the client we had decided that Philipp, as the curator, was the best choice.

Production of the Second Film:

After the collection of all the footage and interviews we began the editing process. This incorporated footage that we had collected from SPA IX and SPA XI, as well as mixed media from past events.

First off, we formulated the narrative structure of the piece by editing the interview with Philipp. This formed the basis of the first cut sent to ACF. After a few minor changes we were ready to work on the second edit.

Remembering that the brief called for the piece to be unconventional, and in-line with the experimental and collaborative nature of the event, we decided to introduce the film with a 'e-collaboration' of different acts, forming a cross-section displaying the different events, as well as a piece of music derived from the different performances.

This ended up working to great effect so the next edit built on the success of this design, adding in vox pops to show the audience perspective, alongside words from the different artists themselves as well as Philipp’s narrative. After some grading we supplied the secondary edit to the client. After a few further tweaks, we had the piece at the right length and the content was spot-on. 


We supplied the finished film to the client, they signed-off on it and the piece stands as one of our most dynamic and - most importantly - definitely fun films!