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We produce films and digital media for the arts and cultural sector.

The need for organisations to produce high-quality films and online materials is growing exponentially.

We passionately believe in improving the exposure and proliferation of digital media for those who we work with.

Whatever the motive - whether it's to engage with a wider or new audience, to document an event for educative purposes, or simply to meet funding criteria - the majority of organisations within the arts sector are now required to produce these digital materials. And that's where we can help.

Our team all have backgrounds in the arts, which means that we can lend a level of expertise to arts-based projects that few other production companies can offer - so don't be surprised if we request scores, recordings and programme notes before coming to work with you! This experience is strongly supported by our film making credentials, enabling us to produce some fantastic and engaging films, as well as allowing us to work with some of the most forward-thinking and audience-focused clients around.

Imagine being able to engage with a completely new audience successfully through the application of digital media. Imagine being able to achieve this within a sensible budget, and with a company that understands and successfully translates your ideas into something that you can use. The films we make have been acclaimed for hitting their target demographics, as well as reaching wider audiences and raising the profile of new music. We work hard to ensure that the tone and level of engagement within our work is high quality as it can be throughout.

So let's stop imagining and start creating.