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Sound Park Austria Series
Austrian Cultural Forum London

Curator Philipp Moll introduces us to Sound Park Austria, its concept, ethos and shares some of the broad variety of performances.

Sound Park Austria is a London-based series of bi-monthly new and experimental music concerts, showcasing UK and Austrian talent alongside one another. It’s a platform that’s single-handedly re-writing the notion of genre-programming with every concert - Electropop, Global Folklyric and Electronic Experimental are but a few of the recent features - and it pairs this with a down-to-earth, relaxed atmosphere where the audience are encouraged to interact with the musicians, post-performance. All in all, a unique proposition, but one that’s a little hard to sum up in words alone. This is where we came in: positioning.

We centered our early discussions with the Austrian Cultural Forum around the desired outcome of the film. It was three-fold: to increase awareness of the series, to develop and expand the audience base, and to depict the fun and relaxed atmosphere of the events.