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Wed, 19th Dec '12.

77 kilos of saddle-stitched fun

Our new brochure arrives

As a company whose work is principally located in the digital realm, moments such as Monday's delivery of our first ever piece of print are more exciting than ever. Being the only person in the office that day too, I was struck particularly by the sheer volume of the shipment - 77 kilograms of paper!

I tore open the first box excitedly to discover the result was just what we'd been hoping for: the reproduction of the images was a crisp and vibrant, yet achieved on an uncoated paper stock - Omnia - that gives the publication its distinctive, tactile feel. Credit for the choice of the paper - and beautiful design, naturally - really should go to our designers, though, who have wanted to try printing on this stock for some time. I’m very glad that we went with it, and we’re now awaiting a proof from the printers for our next items - a set of postcard-cum-comp slips, featuring 2.35:1 cropped images from our films on one side and contact details, QR code and a decent amount of space for a handwritten message on the other.

Making this brochure has been a long and painstaking process (something that I imagine won’t come as a surprise to those of you who know me and my semi-constant quest for ‘perfection’!). It has also heightened my respect for organisations that do this on a seasonal basis enormously. During its creation, we got to thinking about the expectations that audiences have these days; people are deluged with beautiful, professionally-designed marketing materials every day, particularly in large cities. There is a constant battle to stand out, to innovate and to captivate: frankly, it’s exhausting for everyone involved!

Saying this, I really do love a well-designed and produced brochure, and firmly believe that they will always form a valuable and worthwhile part of informing people about a creative endeavor, event, project and so on. What they can’t do, of course, is adapt over time and or become interactive hubs of discussion; that is to say that digital media is very different to print media, but it is equally deserving of your time and thought.

There is undoubtedly a powerful mid-point where digital and print can co-exist in a harmonious and cooperative way (QR codes are surely just the start), but there are few examples where the two are used in conjunction to create a greater whole than their constituent parts. We would love to see that change, and are always thrilled to work with organisations who see the combined potential of both mediums, as well as those who are opening to exploring it.

We’re closing up for Christmas at the end of the week, so here’s wishing you all a joyous festive season and we look forward to hearing what you think of our new brochure when we post them out in the new year!