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Tue, 19th Feb '13.

Have you got yours yet?

Our beautiful print is making its way to an arts organisation near you!

Have you recently received a slightly mysterious package of materials from DeNovo? If you're reading this, the chances are that you have in your possesion some of our newly crafted print - we hope that you've been enjoying it!

Wed, 19th Dec '12.

77 kilos of saddle-stitched fun

Our new brochure arrives

As a company whose work is principally located in the digital realm, moments such as Monday's delivery of our first ever piece of print are more exciting than ever.

Fri, 30th Nov '12.

Dents & Stings

The paragon path of digital identity

Digital identity is important. In fact, it’s more important than we first assume. Whether you’re including static logos in films to communicate your brand identity, animating it, or doing something even more creative, ‘top-and-tailing’ your digital offer is a must and it can also help to develop your brand into its paragon form.

Mon, 15th Oct '12.

Finding Your Voice

Developing the narrative of your film

An audience’s ability to watch a film – of any length – is determined by the strength of the narrative. The story behind the film, whether it be fact or fiction, has to hold the viewer’s attention long enough to convey its message and one of the most important elements in ensuring that this happens is the kind of narration that is chosen.

Even when making a simple promotional film, where text alone would suffice, people still overlook the importance of a voice and how imperative it is, regardless of what the film is about, to have sound.

Thu, 20th Sep '12.

Limited Resources?

Being Creative With Restricted Cash

Beginning a project with a limited budget, lack of sources, and even unclear goals can be daunting – but creativity doesn’t care about this.

Creativity is in love with Ideas. They flirt with one another about the things they could achieve together, but sometimes Budget, along with his gang of hoodlums Doubt and Lack of Clarity, show up to fight Creativity. They want Ideas all to themselves, so she can never become the beautiful thing that she is destined to be. But creativity won’t let this happen – will he?

No he won’t. 

Wed, 25th Jul '12.

In Seven Days

Tom Adès and Tal Rosner in conversation

In Seven Days - Piano Concerto with Moving Image is a multi-media piece for piano, orchestra and six video screens. A collaboration between composer Thomas Adès and filmmaker Tal Rosner, the piece follows the Genesis tale of creation. The visuals in the piece are the result of an in-depth documentation of the recent re-generation of the Royal Festival Hall in London, threaded with footage and photographs of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles - the two places equally responsible for the work's commission.