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We bring with us a set of skills you might not traditionally associate with a production company.

They enable us to produce the most focused, richly in-depth films and digital resources we can for you.

Before we started working as filmmakers, we worked in the arts.

As educators, publishers, performers, musical directors - you name it. Consequently, we're equally at home filming a conductor whom we're interviewing about polyrhythmic tuplets in Ligeti's music as we are immersing ourselves in After Effects to animate and digitise your new season's branding. From the outset, we'll use our expertise and knowledge alongside you to find the best solutions, wherever you are in the planning process.

Alongside our work on behalf of clients, we often work in partnership in a creative capacity - producing and managing visuals for events, or providing the technological side of a project, as is increasingly becoming the case due to initiatives such as the Arts Council's Digital R&D fund.

We aim to provide our clients with a clear idea of what they can expect to achieve, as well as how much it will cost. Our experience means that we understand the challenges of the sector and know well how to add value to a project when there are limited resources available. Our range of equipment supports your needs: over the years we've amassed a large amount of equipment in-house suitable for any number of circumstances, whether it be full coverage of an event or a guerrilla documentary.

Our expertise isn't limited to capturing the idea. Our experience in editing and post-production means that we can get your vision looking precisely the way you want it. This can mean creating frameworks that house the films themselves, visual representations of ideas, animations, and even three-dimensional environments.

We're ambitious, passionate and creative, and we love it when our clients are the same; it means that we'll be able to create some amazing things together.